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The Simpson Sisters

A Gentle Simmer

Half term last week was our most recent estimated moving in date, but it was not to be. Work is gently coming along and I am slowly beginning to feel more confident that we will be in for Easter, I have even made my own schedule of works and sent it to everyone involved with our moving in date very brightly highlighted! The lack of heating has continued to delay the floor installation but it is now finally up and running and we have new date scheduled for the floor which in turn will mean the kitchen can start to take shape.

I must confess that this week has been trying, after six months of determinedly remaining positive and patient with the renovation process I was brought to something more than a gentle simmer last night. Poor Mr D bore the brunt of my frustration and disappointment and we may not be able to discuss door hardware without unpleasant recollections for some time to come! We do seem to have encountered one problem after another recently, nothing insurmountable, but many could have been avoided which I find annoying. Having spent almost all of my life dreaming of owning the barn, and one day living in it, the next six weeks are somehow stretching ahead of me like eternity.

I'm longing to retrieve the random collection of belongings that we have hung onto from the storage unit and will probably have to work hard to remind myself why we have kept some of it. Trying to think of what is amongst it all is a little like playing 'My Grandmother Packed her Trunk'....and in it we found a coffee table, some oil lamps, an Ikea mattress and some broken crockery!

As far as the plan for the kitchen stands at present it will be a pretty simple affair consisting of frames and slatted shelves behind curtains with a zinc worktop. I fully intend to embrace William Morris and "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" and will be aiming for a fairly minimalist look, although don't imagine for a minute that this will also apply to the garage. The images below are just a couple from the Pinterest board that I have very much enjoyed curating and give an idea of what the space above might feel like in due course.

I love these linen curtains on the units in this kitchen featured by My Scandinavian Home These simple units from Arnold's Kitchens are pretty much what I envisage behind the curtains.

I am so looking forward to sharing more photos from the kitchen here in the future, one of the projects I have in mind is to start cooking from the handwritten recipe books that belonged to my Great Grandmother. I find the writing a little hard to decipher, but am planning to start with the apple fritters which I remember my Granny cooking for us as children and were delicious as I recall.

Right now though I must return to the navigation of multitudinous ironmongery sites in search of the perfect door handles, not only must I be able to love putting my hands upon them for many years to come, but apparently they also have to fit 'just so' on the doors!