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The Simpson Sisters

Cutting Gardens

Amongst my myriad plans and ideas for The Oak Tree Barn is a cutting garden, not just for the romantic notion of strolling outside with a basket and a pair of secateurs, but for the pleasure of the entire process. My fingers are already itching to starting locating pictures of all my favourite flowers with which to make my seed shopping list.  There is a certain amount of decision making and landscaping to be achieved before any planting can take place, but I have until next spring!

Over the next few weeks I plan to spend time at the barn watching exactly how the sun moves across the two ends of the plot and then deciding on the right location for some rows of flower beds next year.  I will undoubtedly be torn between practicality and aesthetics, I know of course that long 1m wide beds will be easier to plant, weed and harvest from, but somehow a traditional parterre of four squares is just so appealing.  Keeping our chickens to be away from the beds will be essential, a combination of wing clipping and appropriate fencing I think.

I have always rather fancied keeping bees too, so perhaps in due course this will be a nice environment for them to make some delicious honey.