Student - Documentary Photography

The Simpson Sisters

New Skills Required

It's been a really busy few weeks for us, Mike has been travelling a lot and working even longer hours than usual, the girls are more than occupied with school and all the extra-curricular activities that seem to multiply around this time of year and require even more taxi driving than usual! I have had a really productive time though, I've been working hard on establishing my business The Simpson Sisters and to this end I have been updating my technological, digital and photographic skills with the lovely Makelight team which I am really enjoying. This week saw a genuine 'Simpson Sisters' collaboration when Amanda joined me to teach a really lovely group of people how to prepare canapés for a Christmas party. It was such a pleasure to see my plans of the last year come to fruition and I am really excited about all the plans I have for next year.

I haven't managed to get out to the barn this week, in fact not for the last 10 days and I miss it. Our visits there recently have been short and a simple matter of inspecting progress. Since the grass has more or less stopped growing, and in any case it's been too wet to mow, there is little there for us to do while we're there. I long for it to start looking more like a home, and although little by little some progress is being made, it feels as though there is still quite a long way to go. It's easier to envisage the space in each room now, and it has been lovely to picture where beds might be situated and to imagine the fire in situ, but until the windows are in it remains pretty hard to photograph successfully.

I love that I am slowly creating the sort of life I have craved for so long. Having some sort of justification for making things is surprisingly liberating and I find myself day dreaming about all the projects I will embark upon at the barn. Photography is a key element of blogging, and indeed of sharing the results of creativity, so this is something I will be working on over the coming year. I look forward to recording the barn's transformation and our life there with greater skill so we can look back over it with pleasure in years to come. I enjoy fiddling around with composition, am beginning to understand more about how cameras work, and now need to get over the feeling that I am wasting valuable time as I experiment and learn.