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The Simpson Sisters

Slow progress

More than a year after obtaining consent to change the barn's use to a domestic dwelling we are still no further with regards to any building work, and once again at the behest of the planning authorities. Partially our own fault for drawing up plans and then unexpectedly moving back to the UK which entirely changed our thoughts as to how we will use the barn, and resulted in going back to the drawing board! Still, I think we now have on paper exactly what we would like to initially do to the building and are just submitting some 'minor changes' to the planning authorities - let's just hope they consider them as minor as we do.

We will be opening up the ground level of the barn by removing all the partition walls, dropping the height of all the windows to increase light internally and to enable a view whilst seated, inserting four new roof lights and creating some bifold doors on the west end of the building behind some barn style shutters. This will make the building really light and airy and entirely change the feeling of the space.

This is how the west end looks at present.I like the metal sliding hardware on these doors

Upstairs we have squeezed in two bedrooms with a small landing and storage area between them at the top of the stairs.  There might just be room to put a small desk and stool under the eaves on the landing which would be ideal for a quiet reading or work space, maybe even something like this:-

Before we can start any of the work we are required to submit a plan of all the trees on the property and a description of how they will be protected during the work, so I spent this afternoon plotting the existing trees.  We have the huge oak shown in the photo of the barn, a large beech at the southern end of the field, and various birch, hazel, hawthorn and rowan along the hedgerows.  In addition to this are the fruit trees I planted last year, but more of them in another post.

This project does seem to be progressing at a snail's pace, but I guess since it was about 40 years in my mind I can be patient for just a while longer!