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The Simpson Sisters

Two by Two

It has been a veritable hive of activity at the barn this week, I spent much of Tuesday on site along with two carpenters, two electricians, two decorators, two ironmongers, two men from the power company, two guys from BT, the tiler and the project manager. I was tempted to have them all line up for a photo as though they were embarking the Ark, but wasn't brave enough to ask!

It is such a pleasure to see each bit of work progress, nothing ever seems to be quite finished, but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel now. The windows are all in, the fire has been installed, the stairs are in place, the electric cables are finally underground and we even have a phone line! We have been so lucky that almost all the workmen we've encountered have been such nice guys, and more importantly take a real pride in doing the job well. The doors and shutters are looking brilliant and I'm so excited for them all to be hung and completed so that I can share some pictures.  In the meantime here are a couple of sneaky peeks at how things are beginning to look.

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As I've mentioned before, it has been increasingly difficult to photograph anything, nothing being quite finished and everything in mess, but it is my goal to really work on my photography skills this year and to be able to share some lovely images. To this end, I have been continuing my learning with Makelight which I alternately enjoy and feel totally inadequate in the face of others' creative skills! I keep reminding myself that I am just starting out, but it's easy to feel overwhelmed when spending any amount of time on Instagram where the talent pool is enormous.

My head is buzzing with ideas on furnishing, decorating and kitchen design this week, check out my Pinterest boards if you're interested in what's inspiring me. I have some lovely linen samples and now have to decide if I am brave (and patient) enough to make the blinds and curtains myself, or to bite the bullet and pay someone else to do so. I've never made a Roman blind, on inspection they don't appear to be overly complicated but it's finding the time to do so which will be the challenge I think.

I've also been dreaming up lots of different ways in which we can use the barn when it is up and running, I certainly plan to hold some of The Simpson Sisters workshops there, and think it would make a great venue for many other activities too. Creative weekend retreats, book clubs, lunch clubs, coworking space, meditation, yoga, 1:1 therapies, photo shoots.....the list is endless but I'm open to suggestions so comment below if you have any.

Having been on site three days this week I am going to resist the temptation to visit this weekend, we should really see a huge difference next weekend as the floor will have been laid which should be quite transformative. Fingers crossed that after all this time we're actually going to like it!