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Wasps & Tractors

Progress this week has been harder to see at a glance, but on closer inspection it is indeed there to celebrate. Yesterday I met the roofers, who despite the rotten weather this week, a very unpleasant encounter with a rather large wasps nest and getting their van stuck in the wet field were surprisingly jolly! Poor chaps had been attacked by a swarm of Yellow Jackets when they disturbed their nest, all of them had been stung and one of them had slid off the roof in the process - thank goodness nobody was seriously hurt or had a major allergy!



I suppose that dealing with wind and rain is all part of a roofer's life, but I think getting their van stuck in the field was unplanned for. Still, I laughingly said to them "don't worry, give it 5 minutes and there'll be a tractor passing" and amazingly exactly that happened. I managed to flag down one of our local farmers was so helpful and came in with his huge red Massy Ferguson to pull them out, I'm so grateful as I have no idea how else we could have moved the seriously heavy bogged down vehicle and am quickly learning just how important it is to keep workmen happy and on side!

Inside, the walls have all been cut to accommodate the new windows which will all be larger and it is now clear to see how amazing the doors at the end of the barn are going to be - I will have to plan a seriously beautiful garden to look out onto. I have lots of ideas of things I'd like to have in the garden, exactly where and how remains to be decided but native hedges, hydrangeas, box, roses and hawthorn trees will definitely feature.

The flue for the chimney was also installed this week and I was able to stand in the 'living room' and envisage exactly where our beautiful Contura wood burning stove will sit and how it will fit. I just can't wait to light it for the first time - although in reality I suspect it won't be me with the match in my hand but rather my pyromaniac husband. In the past we have had to sit in rooms with windows and doors opened in order to enjoy a blazing fire without actually roasting ourselves!

Window dressing will be a challenge as I have imagined beautiful, unlined linen curtains hanging from cast iron curtain rods - something like these below. However, I will need to be very careful about their proximity to the fire in order to avoid the whole lot going up in smoke! In reality I think with a combination of blinds and curtains I will be able to avoid any problems, but will perhaps need to wait until the fire itself is installed to make firm decisions.

                                       linen-curtains                contura-braskamin-510-style-735x367