Student - Documentary Photography


Learning to photograph both the extraordinary and the prosaic with sensitivity and warmth

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I cannot lay claim to a romantic story in which my love of photography resulted from early childhood tinkering with cameras, it has been a much more slowly won passion stemming from my innate curiosity, an empathy for people and a longing to work in a meaningful way.

The power of visual media and strong imagery undeniably influences our daily lives in both public and private spaces, and I believe that the emotions conveyed and provoked through beautifully made photographs can be a force for good.

It is the desire to create the type of imagery that remains with people long after they have looked away that has resulted in my studying a BA in Documentary Photography at the University of South Wales.

Having run my own business (The Simpson Sisters), and blogged alongside that for the past few years, I am making a transition to this new online space in my own name where I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences over the years to come.


This platform has played a considerable role in developing my interest for photography. Initially using it to build my business it quickly became instead a place where I’ve enjoyed making new friends who have generously encouraged my progress along the way. I post as and when it suits me and I feel inclined and I’m always happy to chat with new followers.